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Our firm is one of a few in Jefferson City that combines policy and legal support. Our team takes a holistic view of your organization as a client. We are invested in making sure you are able to accomplish all your goals – even those outside the legislature. These services can be provided as a supplement to Lobbying or Organization Management services, or on a stand-alone basis.
Legal WOrk

Areas of Expertise

  • 501 Status Compliance- When an organization is approved as a nonprofit entity by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), it is granted what’s known as 501(c)(3) status. This status comes into play as it exempts the organization from certain federal income taxes and often makes the organization eligible for additional public and private grants. However, maintaining this status requires strict compliance with various regulatory guidelines. These guidelines typically involve aspects like financial transparency, restrictions on political activities, and adherence to the organization’s stated mission. Noncompliance can result in revocation of the 501(c)(3) status, resulting in loss of these benefits. Therefore, it’s crucial for nonprofits to understand and follow these requirements to maintain their 501 status. We’re here to help guide nonprofits through the complexities of maintaining 501 status compliance, ensuring they continue serving their communities without legal disruptions.


  • Legislative Interpretation- When it comes to lawmaking, every word matters. Legislative interpretation involves the analysis and understanding of legal statutes, essentially the written laws passed by legislative bodies. It’s a crucial aspect of legal practice because it allows us to understand the intent, scope, and application of a law. This understanding then guides the actions of both individuals and organizations to ensure they operate within the boundaries of the law. Our team has deep experience in dissecting and explaining these statutes, providing clarity in a field often shrouded in complexity.


  • Regulatory Issues- Regulatory issues pertain to the rules and regulations set by government agencies. They can affect a broad range of activities, from business practices to environmental conservation. Navigating these rules can be challenging due to their complexity and constant evolution. We help individuals and organizations understand and comply with these regulations, ensuring they fulfill their legal obligations while advancing their objectives.


  • Administrative Appeals- An administrative appeal is a request to a higher authority, often a government agency, to review or reconsider a decision. These appeals often occur when an individual or entity believes there has been an error or injustice in a decision that affects them. Our group can assist in the preparation and submission of these appeals, lending our legal expertise to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.


  • Legal Challenge Strategy- A legal challenge strategy refers to the planned approach one takes to dispute a law or a legal decision that is perceived as unjust or detrimental. This could be challenging a regulation, a court decision, or a policy. Crafting an effective legal challenge strategy involves thorough knowledge of the law, diligent research, and adept courtroom tactics. Our team excels in formulating such strategies, using our expertise and experience to aim for the best possible outcome for our clients.


  • Brief Writing and Litigation Support- Brief writing is the process of creating a concise, persuasive document that presents an argument to the court. Litigation support, on the other hand, involves providing assistance to attorneys during the litigation process, which can include research, document review, and expert testimonies. These two elements are crucial in the presentation and argument of a case in court. Our team provides both brief writing and litigation support, ensuring that each case is meticulously prepared, and our clients’ arguments are clearly and effectively communicated to the court.