Association Management & Consulting

Serving your members
Organizations with volunteer leadership need a consistent and user-friendly way to service their members and clearly communicate the organization’s message. We can help build and maintain systems to track and renew membership, maintain lines of communication for important information, and consistently fundraise for essential programs.
Association Management & Consulting

Our Services

  • Membership Database Tracking and Renewals- A robust membership base is a key asset for any organization, but managing it can be challenging. We can help streamline the process by establishing systems for membership database tracking and renewals. This not only ensures accuracy but also enhances efficiency, allowing organizations to focus more on serving their members and less on administrative tasks.


  • Organization Policies and Procedures- Clear and effective policies and procedures are the backbone of any well-functioning organization. We provide assistance in reviewing, drafting, and updating these crucial documents to reflect best practices, promote transparency, and ensure smooth operations within your organization.


  • Strategic Planning- The future success of an organization largely depends on strategic planning. We offer guidance in this critical area, assisting organizations in setting realistic goals, identifying resources, and devising strategies that align with their mission and vision.


  • Internal Elections Processes- Internal elections are integral to democratic functioning within organizations. We can help streamline these processes, ensuring they are fair, transparent, and in accordance with the rules and regulations that govern your organization.


  • Membership Communications Management- Effective communication fosters strong relationships with members. We can help manage these communications, ensuring regular, relevant, and engaging content is delivered to your members. This can include updates, newsletters, notices, and more.


  • External Communications Processes- External communication is just as important as internal, shaping an organization’s reputation and relationships with key stakeholders. We support organizations in crafting and delivering their external communications, whether it’s press releases, public statements, or social media posts.


  • Grant Writing Support- Grants can be a valuable source of funding, but the application process can be daunting. We provide support in grant writing, helping organizations to present compelling cases for funding that align with grantors’ objectives.


  • Fundraising Support- Fundraising is crucial for any nonprofit to support its programs and initiatives. We offer assistance in planning and executing effective fundraising strategies, from developing fundraising materials to organizing successful fundraising events. Our support can help your organization secure the resources it needs to thrive and grow.