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Legislative Advocacy

The legislative process is never as neat and tidy as it looks on paper. Clients need an experienced guide to help them navigate the process and carefully monitor progress. We know the players and the culture and can help clients find and pursue the most effective course to accomplish their legislative goals.

Activities include:

  • Actively Working to Support Your Legislative Agenda
  • Real-Time Bill Tracking
  • Weekly Reports and Insights from the Capitol
  • Organizing Legislator Meetings
  • Lobby Day Planning
  • Developing Proactive Legislation
  • Writing and Distributing Amendments
  • Negotiating Language on Behalf of the Organization
  • Support for Legislative Hearings
  • Monitoring Floor Debate
  • Messaging and Strategy Support
  • Providing Candidate/Legislator Insights
  • Attending Organization Meetings as Requested
Jones Advocacy


Building across-the-aisle relationships

Sharon Geuea Jones is the founding member of Jones advocacy group. As an attorney and lobbyist, she has advocated on behalf of her clients in the legislature, at the ballot box, and in the courts since 2002. Her specialty is blocking legislative proposals opposed by her clients. With connections to both Republican and Democratic leadership, she finds creative solutions to even the most difficult legislative fights. After obtaining her law degree in 2012, she expanded her efforts to include drafting ballot initiatives and legal briefing at the appellate level.


In 2019, she founded  Jones Advocacy Group, to better serve her clients. She regularly partners with other lobbyists to better meet the needs of their clients as well as her own.  Her years of active work in the legal and political community make for a unique network of connections. She has written multiple articles for professional publications and is a frequent speaker on topics of legislative action, legal strategy, and professional development. She currently resides in Columbia, Missouri.

Sharon Geuea Jones's


The POWER List: Lawyer-Lobbyist 2023

Recognized on the list of "powerful people in each part of the state’s legal community."
Top Missouri Senator Seeks Overhaul of Consumer Law

"In practice that would kill class-action lawsuits under the Merchandising Practices Act."
MATA (And Most Other Attorneys) Support the Missouri Plan

"In order to ensure our jury trials remain fair and open, we must preserve our current merit-based judicial selection plan, The Missouri Plan."
Missouri Legislature Chips Away at Lawsuits with Veto Overrides

"Legislation limiting plaintiffs’ lawsuits is reflective of trend that has stretched more than a decade here — new laws have tended to side in favor of business entities, rather than those injured by their activities"
The Courts Await Unconstitutional Legislation

"It would be difficult for a Legislature that has consistently expanded telehealth services in Missouri to argue they don’t adequately provide safe and effective patient care."
"You cannot get an abortion in Missouri under our current system."
Farmers Seek Legal Protection for Agritourism

"Our concern is really that someone who is not acting responsibly would be able to have immunity through the way the bill was originally written"
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