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Integrated Members of Your Policy Team

Navigating the legislative maze isn’t straightforward. Here’s how we assist:

Expertise: We’ve walked this path many times and can guide with confidence.

Insight: We’re in tune with the key players and the culture.

Strategy: We help clients carve out the most effective route to their goals.

Association Management & Consulting

Navigating volunteer-led organizations requires clarity and efficiency. Here’s how we support:

User-Friendly Systems: We ensure members experience seamless interactions.

Clear Communication: We amplify the organization’s voice and message.

Membership Management: We create systems for tracking and renewing memberships.

Consistent Outreach: We maintain open channels for vital information.

Fundraising: We drive efforts to secure funds for crucial programs.

In Jefferson City, our firm stands out with its specialized legal support. Here’s what sets us apart:

Holistic Legal Insight: We delve deep, understanding your organization from all angles.

Beyond the Norm: Our commitment extends to every goal your organization has, not just legislative ones.

Adaptable Offerings: Our legal services can complement other organizational needs or be provided independently.

Jones Advocacy


Building across-the-aisle relationships

The Jones Advocacy Group, founded in 2019 by Sharon Geuea Jones, is a beacon for government transparency and accountability in Jefferson City. With a multi-faceted team that offers a blend of non-profit legal support, lobbying, communications, and membership management, the firm provides a comprehensive suite of services tailored to client needs.

Sharon, a licensed attorney with two decades of experience, champions individual rights and bridges connections between advocates and legislative decision-makers.

Olivia Pener infuses the team with her grassroots activism and a keen focus on mental and public health advocacy.

Connor Luebbert, with his deep-rooted connections in the Missouri Capitol, adeptly deciphers legislative nuances, ensuring clients are always a step ahead.

Together, this dynamic trio is committed to guiding clients through the intricate legislative, judicial, and regulatory landscapes, ensuring transparency, accountability, and effective advocacy at every turn.

Our Team's


The POWER List: Lawyer-Lobbyist 2023

Recognized on the list of "powerful people in each part of the state’s legal community."
Missouri Times 2022 30 Under 30 Honoree

"Connor can help bridge the gap between our government and the people it is supposed to serve. Not all our conversations are comfortable, but he makes sure the necessary ones happen."
Top Missouri Senator Seeks Overhaul of Consumer Law

"In practice that would kill class-action lawsuits under the Merchandising Practices Act."
MATA (And Most Other Attorneys) Support the Missouri Plan

"In order to ensure our jury trials remain fair and open, we must preserve our current merit-based judicial selection plan, The Missouri Plan."
Missouri Legislature Chips Away at Lawsuits with Veto Overrides

"Legislation limiting plaintiffs’ lawsuits is reflective of trend that has stretched more than a decade here — new laws have tended to side in favor of business entities, rather than those injured by their activities"
Missouri TImes Top 100

"Jones is the wisdom and architect behind numerous policy developments. She is artful in her legislative drafting. "
The Courts Await Unconstitutional Legislation

"It would be difficult for a Legislature that has consistently expanded telehealth services in Missouri to argue they don’t adequately provide safe and effective patient care."
"You cannot get an abortion in Missouri under our current system."
Farmers Seek Legal Protection for Agritourism

"Our concern is really that someone who is not acting responsibly would be able to have immunity through the way the bill was originally written"
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